About 5050 Central

5050 Central is a fun and revolutionary raffling platform that is changing the landscape of fundraising.

The 5050 Central System tracks and collects raffle purchases through touch screen kiosks, and mobile hand-held devices. Through the use of wired or wireless technology, every transaction is electronically tallied and updated to scoreboards and display areas throughout the venue creating excitement and resulting in proven increases in raffle sales.

The 5050 Central system ensures accountability, eliminates human error and provides up to the minute reporting for both internal and external recording purposes.

Excitement, Ease of use, affordability, and compliance with local gaming regulations makes 5050 Central a "must have" when looking to add revenue to your game, event or organization.

Who is Using 5050 Central?

5050 Central is currently in use with over 40 franchises and events. Some 5050 clients include: the Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, Chicago Cubs, Atlanta Braves, Phoenix Coyotes, Calgary Flames, Hockey Canada, Orlando Magic, PGA Tour, and the Canadian Football League. Furthermore, several other proposals are in the late stages of being closed with a number of major franchises, leagues and associations with those announcements forthcoming.